Canyon Trip

ITINERARY: 15 km, time 45/55 min.
(the time in minutes is only an indication and can vary according to how many people are in the group)

winter landscape - CerviniaAn escursion for those who already have experience of snowmobiles, but still not particularly difficult. Anybody can do it. Going up to what was the most beautiful ski-bob piste in the world, then coming down what was the piste itself, the historical part of the route. Following on to Alpe Layet, Carosello Alto and from here we continue upwards to the “Gare” until joining the ascent to the Canyon, a rocky bottomland which we leave to go through the Mande wood, following on to Rocca Promindo, Tre laghi and Pian del tasso. Here we stop for a test of your driving abilities, on an appropriate track, or for those who haven’t driven along the route to have a try. An ideal place to take photos or make films. Passing through Chateau wood you might see squirrels on the way back. Descent via Vorpilles valley, along the shores of Lake Blu, Baby hill and return...

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